Online Broker Summit

Virtual, November 16 @ 9:00 am ET

The Online Broker Summit brings together leaders and experts of the retail online brokerage industry to discuss emerging trends and to share experiences. Through a series of keynotes, diverse panel discussions and networking opportunities, the event sparks discussion among senior leadership, who are mutual advocates and influencers for retail brokerage and for the interests of self-directed investors. Hosted annually by Trading Central, the summit has become one of the industry's most anticipated events.

Meet the

Brad Michelson

Brad Michelson runs the US marketing team at eToro, a global social trading platform with over 20 million global users. He is a digital marketer with over ten years of experience taking consumer FinTech and e-commerce brands to market.

Steph Goldberg
Steph works on brand awareness, positioning, and go-to-market strategy at Public, an investing platform that allows everyone to invest in stocks, ETFs, crypto, and alternative assets — all in one place. Her team obsesses over how both new audiences and Public's existing base of 3M+ members experience and perceive the brand throughout their journey, from top of funnel advertising to the in-app experience.

Steven Orr
Better known on Wall Street as BigBeat, Steven has produced and hosted thousands of webinars, shows, interviews as the featured on-air talent and delivered industry-leading financial squawk services. He has served on the board of American Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association

Pavlos Evangelides

With 10+ years of experience in building meaningful products for millions of users, Pavlos is passionate about customer research, human-centered design, and using goal frameworks to bring solutions to life. He currently leads the Product team at Trading Point as Head of Product M

Kathryn St. John

Trading Central
A fintech startup veteran, Kathryn has developed analytical algorithms and applications embedded in the world's most admired investing platforms. Today, she leads the data intelligence and customer UX envisioning required to support the most investors globally.

Jerome Favresse

Trading Central
Jerome is a cross-asset strategist with over 15-years of investment banking experience, busy incubating new decision-support algos and AI. He specializes in Research & Strategy, Big Data, News and Sentiment Analytics. Jerome holds a Master of Science (MSc) from Bordeaux Managemen

Brad Michelson

Brad Michelson runs the US marketing team at eToro, a global social trading platform with over 20 million global users