Trading Central joins Refinitiv for Industry Roundtable session in London

Takeaways from the event in London

July 20, 2023

The Trading Central team attended Refintiv’s business session hosted at the London Stock Exchange building on June 6th, 2023. The roundtable gathered business leaders of forward-thinking, direct investing platforms like eToro, CMC Markets, IG and Hargreaves Lansdown. Attendees discussed industry trends and initiatives underway to move the industry forward in creating a seamless investing experience that aligns with user needs.

Popular topic amongst the group included: 

1. Big tech entering the investing space: Apple has already rolled out investing apps - they are pros at customer engagement and dissecting usage. How do we compete? 

2. Create a personalized investing experience: how do we achieve personalization as sophisticated as big tech like Netflix? 

As an industry, we are working alongside regulators to determine the line between personalization and gamification. Brokers need to understand their user’s goals, needs and their investing journey across their platforms. For example, here at TC we develop data-driven, compact insights based on what’s personally relevant to the user. Layered analysis across key pages of the user journey, empowers confident decision-making. 

3. Investors want access to U.S. equities - largely due to the high volatility in this market. 

4. ETFs should be bigger in the UK - investors need education and to cultivate a stronger culture of investing.

Attendees heard from Urvi Jay, Trading Central’s Strategic Solutions Consultant, who shared a vision of today’s “modern investor” persona and how data, visualizations and UX, enable data-driven choices across brokerage platforms and apps.  

Urvi explained how infobesity is the overwhelming amount of raw data and news published everyday, that causes people to be hesitant and hinders investor decision-making. At TC, our insights solve for infobesity, using A.I. to deliver data-driven insights.

Actionable visualizations that make complex data easy to understand, deliver rich analysis and are powerful decision making tools. They increase investor confidence and support brokerage engagement and retention initiatives. Flexible technology like snackable widgets and APIs make it simple to create a modern digital experience across the web and mobile.

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July 20, 2023

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